Membership FAQ

What kind of events are hosted by CA?
CA hosts a variety of weekly social, cultural, and community-service events (see below). Each year, CA also presents an annual production known as Culture Night which showcases the board regional diversity of Chinese culture through different Chinese ethnic dances, skits, martial arts, and other displays of customs.

We also host an annual High School Outreach Program that caters to educating and encouraging first-generation high school students to pursue higher education.
What are weekly afterevents?
CA holds weekly general meetings at 7PM in the Ring Room at the Cross Cultural Center every Thursday. All general meetings are followed by afterevents that change every week and typically conclude around 9PM.
How did I sign up?
Bluecards can be obtained from any board officer, or directly from CA Secretary, at all weekly meetings. Please remember to fill out the front and back.
How much are membership fees?
To be placed in a family by our Week 3 (Thursday, October 18) event, Family Reveal, your bluecard and dues must be in by Saturday, October 13th. You can still join and pay for dues after Week 3, however, you will not be guaranteed to be sorted into a family at Family Reveal. As the year progresses into Winter and Spring quarter, new membership fees do reduce from $30 to $25 (returning members fee remains $20.)
What is Family Reveal?
Family Reveal is the Week 3 after-event that consists of meeting your new family and bigs for the next year, in addition to dinner at Sam Woo Restaurant.
What do I get after paying?
Membership Benefits:
  • Chinese Association T-Shirt

  • Chinese Association Membership Card
    • Discounts at sponsorship buisnesses such as:
      • Boiling Point
      • Lollicup
      • L&L Hawaiian BBQ
      • Le Diplomate Cafe
      • Mongolian Hot Pot
      • Sam Woo Restaurant
      • Ding's Garden
      • Vitality Bowls
      • Honeymee
      • and many more
  • Access to Chinese Association exclusive events such as clubbing, Chinese Heritage Festival, and participation in our annual Culture Night
  • Bigs and family to guide, support, and hang out with you throughout the year
  • What is the family system?
    CA is one of the largest social organizations on campus with an average of over 400 members. Our family system allows for smaller groups of people to get to know each other. We hope the family system fosters lasting relationships that continue outside CA and extend beyond your time at UCI.
    What is "Big 5"?
    Big 5 consists of Chinese cultural organizations from UCLA, UCSD, UCR, USC, and UCI. Every year, CA participates in the Chinese Heritage Festival with all of Big 5.
    What is CAMP?
    Chinese Association Mentorship Program (CAMP) is a yearlong program where members can connect and seek guidance from our organization’s alumni and upperclassmen members. Our purpose for the program is to provide members, mentors and mentees alike, with an enriching experience through networking as well as to introduce members to beneficial resources on and off-campus.

    Applications are due Friday, Nov 2 at 11:59pm!

    That didn't quite answer my question...
    Is your question missing from the list? No worries! Feel free to reach out to a board officer or email Jillian Wong at with the subject line “FAQ”.