Amanda Lai

Sports Coordinator

don't have one

Major and Year
Business Economics, 2nd year


First Big
Kelly Cheng

Family Theme
Lilo & Stitch

First Year in CA

Why did you join CA
I am a commuter and as a first year I knew I wouldn't meet anyone if I didn't join anything, so I joined CA! It was the one club that stood out to me when I looked at a list of campus organizations at the beginning of the year. After joining at Orientation, I never came out to anything Fall quarter except for the roller skating after event. But then for some reason I decided to go to ski trip, eventhough I didn't know anyone. And after that, my whole CA experience changed. Ski trip was the reason why I came out more. The people I met are the reason why I'm still here. CA gave me a little taste of what college life should be like.

Why did you join board
I really like the board last year and they really made such a fun environment to be in. Honestly being an intern during the end of last school year (2016-2017) is what helped me decide to run for board. I was really glad that I was given the opportunity to be apart of Polaris Board because being able to really connect and get to know the others on board really made the experience worthwhile. I wanted to join board to give back to the club and its members just the way that Polaris board did to me.

When I'm lazy, I like to watch a lot of Youtube or Netflix, but mainly Youtube in my free time. I like to watch a lot of vlogs, buzzfeed, or whatever is trending and catches my eye. I also like to watch Pretty Little Liars, but the show is ending so now I need something else to watch hehe. When I'm not doing that I like to play volleyball, workout, go hiking, or go on food runs. I also have a Disneyland annual pass so hit me up if you have one too and ever need someone to go with :).

Favorite music genre and artists
I honestly don't have a favorite music genre or artist. I'm not to big on music so I just listen to what's on the radio (102.7, 97.1, 104.3, 105.9, 99.1) most of the time. The majority of the music I listen to would be Pop or like mainstream music. I listen to and like most music that people play in my car, so I'm not too picky when it comes to music.

Favorite CA Event
My favorite CA event would either be roller skating or ice skating. Honestly I just like doing both, even though I'm not the best at either one. It's just fun to skate around and let loose (and see people fall hehe)!

Favorite Annual Event
Ski Trip. All I have to say is go. You'll have fun. Trust me.

Favorite Memory from Ski Trip
My favorite memory would probably be learning how to snowboard for the first time. Even though I barely knew anyone, EVERYONE was so kind and helping those who were new to it. I honestly had so much fun going down the slopes and I can't wait to go back this year! YAYY :D

Favorite Part of Culture Night
I was part of tech crew during culture night so I basically did lights. My favorite part about doing lights would be doing it with Brittany Lee (Secretary '16-'17). Honestly hell week and the actual day of production was actually fun and I wouldn't take back any of it.

Favorite Pun
What do you call a cow on grass? Mulan.
LOL I thought this was so funny when I first heard it. It's also funnier if you see a picture of Mulan as the answer without the word there HAHA.