Cory Thach

Social Chair


Major and Year
Undeclared, 2nd year

Los Angeles

First Big
Nina Van

Family Theme

First Year in CA

Why did you join CA
I like Chinese food

Why did you join board
I guess CA is kinda cool

Games, korean stuff, netflix

Favorite music genre and artists
The radio

Favorite CA Event

Favorite Annual Event
Culture Night

Favorite Memory from Ski Trip
I didn't go

Favorite Part of Culture Night
"State your business!" - Cory Thach 2017

Favorite Pun
I think chicken wings are pretty good but they can't really beat some delicious pho noodles. I mean, when you add all the vegetables like bean sprouts and basil and mint leaves, it just tastes like heaven! And, you can also dip it in hoi sin sauce and that is the stair way to heaven. But then chicken wings are pretty good.