Crystal Banh


C-Dawg, Rocky Bread, Banh Mi

Major and Year
Art, 4th year

Baldwin Park

First Big
Jennie Lee

Family Theme

First Year in CA

Why did you join CA
To socialize, to find my second family

Why did you join board
Many friends inspired me. They gave me an unforgettable experience during college and I wanted to give back to Chinese Association. I wanted to be a leader just as great as the board officers that took me in and I wanted to make sure that I personally develop to be the best me that i could possibly be

Badminton, tennis, road trips, and going to music festival with friends

Favorite music genre and artists
Hip Hop, Electronic Dance Music. Current favorite artists are Elephante, Seven Lions, Porter Robinson, and many more

Favorite CA Event
Chinese Heritage Festival because that's when I get to meet CA's sister organization from UCR, UCLA, USC, and UCSD

Favorite Annual Event
The biggest production is Ca's Culture Night. Every year everyone puts in a lot of work to make this show a success and the oportunity to be on stage is ecstatic

Favorite Memory from Ski Trip
Learning to snowboard for the first time and the fun games people play late into the night. I also love the caravanning experience to North Lake Tahoe because it's not everyday that you get to see 10+ cars drive to a destination in unison

Favorite Part of Culture Night
The audience's love for each performance

Favorite Pun
Bun me with some Banh Mi! I'm bad at puns