Jackson Tsoi

Fundraising Chair

Tsoi Milk

Major and Year
Computer Science, 3rd year


First Big
Keith Leung

Family Theme

First Year in CA

Why did you join CA
Jana told me there was an ice cream social during week 0 and my favorite food was ice cream, so that was my first CA event and I really enjoyed it! I met many people and really enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe that CA gave.

Why did you join board
I joined board my big Keith and many other board members had a large positive impact on me and I want to do the same! I want to be a positive influence to other people's lives.

I like bumping people's photos during finals week =)

Favorite music genre and artists
I listen to main stream music and I started listening to EDM here and there! I am pretty much down to listen to any kind of music though!

Favorite CA Event
My favorite event was Downtown Disney! It was my first time going there and I had a lot of fun exploring around the place. There are firework shows at night and they are awesome!

Favorite Annual Event
Ski Trip!! Ski trip is a really a great bonding experience and it's during winter break so it almost feels like vacation! I really recommend members to go to Ski Trip.

Favorite Memory from Ski Trip
My favorite memory of ski trip was chilling in the cabin with everyone and just talking and bonding. We would stay up very late at night! I also cuddled with JP :). There is a lot more that happens at ski trip, but you just have to come to find out! :D

Favorite Part of Culture Night
My favorite part of Culture Night is being part of Ninjas!! Ninjas are people who help build props for skit and eventually we practice placing props in place... in the dark though hehe. We lurk around in the dark, being silent and deadly >:). I also liked attending the Ninja sessions since they are very casual -- you can hangout or just casually study -- and overall is nice way to spend time with your friends and meet new faces!

Favorite Pun
I like cheesy puns because they feel grate. :DD