Katherine Jiang

Publicity Coordinator

Kat, Kath, Kathy, Katherina

Major and Year
Business Economics with Accounting Minor, 3rd year

San Jose and Shanghai

First Big
Helen Wu

Family Theme

First Year in CA

Why did you join CA
My former hall mate, Helen, told me to join and become her little, and so I did. Also, I wasn’t really involved in much my freshmen year, so I decided it was time I tried something new.

Why did you join board
I really enjoyed bonding with everyone, both as a general member and an intern. I’d also like to continue doing more for CA like I was able to during my intern term, continue growing more in various areas, and hopefully, help others get those similar experiences.

drawing/doing crafty tasks/watching other people draw, going on food adventures, exploring new places, baking, watching YouTube, petting my dog/dogs in general, playing tennis/badminton, lots of other stuff

Favorite music genre and artists
mainly Kpop, but I’m also open to everything else

Favorite CA Event
Family reveal was definitely one of my favorite events. It’s exciting to finally meet your family members as well as find out what your family theme is. On top of that, you get to bond with them over food!

Favorite Annual Event
Family wars, which just started this year and hopefully will continue in the future, was a really memorable experience for me. Once again, you get to hang out with your second family away from home, while also bonding with everyone else through competitions.

Favorite Memory from Ski Trip
Sadly, since I was back in Shanghai, I didn’t get a chance to go this past year, but I’m looking forward to this year’s!

Favorite Part of Culture Night
Having joined dance this year with no dance experience at all, it was really rewarding when I got to perform with the rest of the team. Not just that, but also getting to see the separate sections everyone had been working so hard on all year be put together. The training process was also great as it gave me a chance to step out of my comfort zone (dance) and bond with people I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Seeing how much I was able to get out of joining dance this year, I’m definitely considering taking part in it again this upcoming year!

Favorite Pun
I was going to tell a sodium and hydrogen pun… but NaH