Victoria Muliawan

Publicity Coordinator


3rd Year | Public Health Sciences

Cooking, advising, listening, writing, reading(something I actually want to read) non-stop for hours without moving, skincare, and working with children.

Starting my skincare blog, volunteering and teaching children at a nursery.

Jump starting a car, organizing, multitasking, editing, business communications, categorizing data, first aid, knowing a bunch of random facts, managing finances, basic household skills, gardening, and analyzing and observing people's behaviors(reading the environment, knowing what ticks someone off lol).

Social Type
Ambivert/Quirky--I enjoy spending time with others and meeting new people but I charge introvert-ly(i.e. by spending time by myself) as it starts to get tiring to be around people lol.

Favorite Music/Artist/Genre
Music/Genre: Chill, RnB, pop, acoustic, lofiArtist: EXO, Day6, Dean, Bruno Major, Daniel Caesar, Maroon 5

Favorite TV Shows, Movies, Books, Games
Korean Dramas/Variety shows, We Bare Bears, Handmaid's Tale, anything by Haruki Murakami, Sims.

Favorite Food
Seafood, Dim Sum, Asian food in general, Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake

Piano for relaxing, watching anime, skincare blog, cooking/eating, interior design, reading.

Dad jokes, puns.


Proudest Moment
Getting my big.

Favorite Family Memory
My big's care packages and him spending one-on-one time with everyone to make sure they're all doing okay.