Come see the memories and fun that our members had at many events from previous years of Chinese Association!
Visit CAUCI Historian to see more pictures of previous years and to see the rest of pictures of the 2017-2018 year.


Come see what Chinese Association has to offer for the year! Come make new friends and to reunite with old ones!

Family Reveal

Come meet your family and your big! Come enjoy time with your family over a delicious dinner!

Ski Trip

Come spend a week with us taking on the slopes and exploring the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe!

Family Wars

Battle it out against the other families and see who is the best family!

Chinese Heritage Festival

Come enjoy a field day with our sister organizations from UCLA, USC, UCR, and UCSD!

Culture Night

Enjoy a night of emotion during Chinese Association's biggest production of the year!


Come end the year with Chinese Association as we look back at all the memories!